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Workout clothes can be hard to find sometimes and stores don’t always have what suits us, so we tend to look online. The issue we have with online shopping for clothes is sometimes they don’t always give us what we pay for. Well today I’m going to help you guys out by rating different items I have bought and giving my honest review. We all like different styles of workout clothes, so I tried my best to include multiple different styles. Feel free to leave a comment, letting me know what you all think.

1. Yoga Fits for Men and Women



Price: $29.99

Sizes: Small – XX Large


  • Polyester dry fit
  • Stretchy
  • Good for any workout
  • 5 pack deal

My Rating 9/10

I personally love the soft feeling of this shirt it doesn’t get uncomfortable during my workouts and allows me to have great range without it getting stuck. Normally when I buy a shirt it I have to tug it down, because it likes to get stuck on my bra and with these shirts it doesn’t do that. I also like the size range they give. The one thing I wish the had was more color choices in this deal. But overall it’s only about $6 for each shirt which is every exciting to me!!!

2. Woman’s Yoga Pants/Leggings



Prices: $19 – $34

Sizes: Small – XX Large



  • 2 Package deal
  • Stretchy
  • Pockets
  • 30 day refund
  • Non-see through


  • Stretchy
  • Pockets
  • Waistband
  • Non-see through

My Rating: 7 out of 10

These come in a really nice sealed bag. For me leggings and sweatpants are always my go to item to wear, so I’m always looking for the next best pair to get. What’s nice about these are the pockets!!! It makes it easier to take things with me like my phone. It also has a nice fit. For example, when I bend over or squat I don’t have to pull them back up 🙂 My only concern would be the price for these, otherwise completely worth it.



4 thoughts on “Workout Clothes”

  1. Hi dear,
    What a great idea, I have always a hard time to find my ideal workout clothes online, I’m glad I found your article, I like the leggins, the color and the pockets, always so useful. I’m gonna buy two pairs and send your post to some friends, I konw they will like also.

    Best regards,


  2. This is a great article, Bailey! I need some new workout clothes right now, as my two dogs found them and decided to make them their potty coasters. Haha I always consider price, size, comfort, the material used, and durability (among other factors) when choosing workout clothes. You have done an excellent job of breaking down a few pieces, noting their pros and cons, and giving your overall opinions of them. I will definitely save your site and share it with my friends and family! God bless you!

  3. I had to comment! You know I go to thrift stores usually for workout clothes. But now I saw the items you had on your blog on Amazon and the prices weren’t that bad. I may consider your advice, thank you!!


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