My Story

My Story

I’m 18 currently a barista and trainer I have been looking for new ways to work even harder to push my limits. I honestly love working, but it’s nice to sit back and just watch time pass with family and friends. I’ve never really had a problem with learning it was just the style that irritated me. Now I’m currently looking to help educate others.


Why I Want to Help

We all have struggles in life and I want to help relieve some of that. I want to help educate more people, so they are less stressed for what’s to come next in their life. I’m not just speaking as learning school stuff, but more valuable information. Whether that be about the world issues or just one single person.


The Goal of my Site

The goal of my site is to put some people at ease whether it be a photo, story, or advice. I enjoy making people happy and helping others no matter the situation. My overall goal is to keep my grandmother’s dream alive. There’s so many things she wanted to do but she passed young. Today I’m here working to achieve what she couldn’t finish and continue her teachings.


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  1. Hey Bailey Anne, I enjoyed getting to know you through this brief story! You’re young and on a good track already! Making people happy and being a helpful person are great traits to hold within life.
    Being a barista is a good job to have if you’re an upbeat person and like to make people happy! (I was a barista at a hospital once, always needed to be prepared for the worst scenarios and keeping people happy was a daily goal) You sound like you have a great work ethic!
    Life is one short journey. You’re right people need to value the importance and not stress so much! I am looking forward to read more of your writings! You seem like a beautiful soul. Your Grandmother’s spirit lays within you and you’ll continue to make her proud!


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